The Egg That Ate the Chicken: Out Now

Hello all,

My second poetry collection, The Egg That Ate the Chicken, is out now and available to buy here from Lulu. It will be available worldwide via Amazon, Barnes and Noble and in all good book shops in about six to eight weeks.

It’s more wide-ranging and accessible than Culture 99/01, so if you’ve been sitting on the fence, why not give this one a go?

This is what I do. Even if you buy just one of my books, it is worth everything to me. I appreciate the support immensely.

Thank you all,




Culture 99/01: Out Now

Hello all,

My first chapbook is now published and is available to buy right now here at It will also be available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble in about six to eight weeks time. An e-book version will appear too at some point (once I know what I’m doing).

This is something of a re-release of sorts. I wrote these poems back in 2001, and self-published them in a very short-lived run of about ten off the back of my home printer. I’m very proud of them. They were the first poems that I felt had a true and consistent voice of my own to them and I’m happy to see them in print properly as I’ve always wanted them to be.

It’s a short book, but I’m just getting started and there are larger books to come.

So, if you think this is something you might like, please buy a copy. Any support for what I do is appreciated more than you can know.

Below is a couple of poems from the book so you can get an idea of what it’s like.



Culture 01 – One

has a way with a baseball cap

rides appearance

breaks nobody

even has child


present blood under radical conditions

kiss cheek earring hair throat necklace arm bicep tattoo

I speak sometimes

many boys not like married

that character

this underworld

there his stars

Family written and Armageddon

Culture 01 – Six

Kylie in a bath

shadow on a floor

woman’s forehead fighting the beast

start covering

Edie Falco in tigerskin

plenty of martial arts thrown in

that way survived a grimmer past

picture 15 year olds walking down the street


arty and ponderous

bring your wellies

the scale’s intense


Harry Potter weds

Don’t panic

That’s amazing

murder dead lovers with hotel soap