Switching Twitter Account

Just a quick note to let you all know I shall be turning my writer twitter account @thepoetscane off and using my main one @ScepticPoet instead.

I originally created the extra account because I wanted a dedicated account for updates on new books etc. that wouldn’t be tainted by drunken tweets shouting abuse at Donald Trump or unresponsive printers. It would also make it easier to follow particular accounts, as the lists function in twitter is a tad unwieldy. Turns out that constantly switching twitter accounts is even more unwieldy. Sometimes I would forget which account I was on and have an existential crisis. Poems? On my main account? Who do I think I am? Well, it’s all me, and now it will be on one tidy twitter account.

The twitter account for my long dormant satirical news website thescepticalpoet.com is still there @ScepticalPoet. I’m not sure why. It’s a similar name and confusing for all concerned, but one day I do aim to revive it in some form. Until then it lies there bloated and diseased on the rowdy beach of twitter, getting in the way of everyone’s good time.

So, to sum up: official writer stuff will now go to @ScepticPoet instead of @thepoetscane. I will keep the old account up for a while with a note in the bio to follow the other account. I’ll also update the information in the front of the books to show the right twitter account. If you have a copy with the old information, well, you now have a limited edition!

The facebook page remains the same.

Now I just have to concentrate on actually updating this blog on a regular basis. Watch this space.


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